May is National Mystery Month!

Our author of the month is Lisa Gardner. She is a #1 New York Times bestselling novelist. A self described research junkie,  she has transformed her interest in police procedure and criminal minds into a streak of internationally acclaimed novels. She also has four books that became TV movies. 

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Take and Make Microgreens Project- While Supplies Last!

Stop by and pick up this “FREE” take home project for Adults. Learn how to grow microgreens in your home to add to salads or top an entree. Microgreens are a type of plant that falls between a sprout and a baby green. They’re nutritious and may offer many health benefits.

Learn how to grow your own and incorporate microgreens into your diet.



Frankie Elkin is a recovering alcoholic with more regrets than belongings. She spends her life searching for missing people for whom the world has stopped searching. When the police have given up and the public no longer remembers. Frankie keeps looking.

Travel with Frankie when she searches for clues on the disappearance of a Haitian teenager who vanished from her high school. Frankie will stop at nothing to find out the truth when noone else will.

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